DWT Racing Sector 15x7 4.5+2.5 Beadlock Wheels

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DWT Sector 15x7 4.5+2.5 Beadlock Wheels

DWT Sector 360 view
Made in the USA, is fully serviceable and constructed of super strong lightweight heat treated T6 6061 aluminum – which makes the metal as hard as it gets. All of our heat treatment is done in our own factory, assuring a true and proper procedure. The Sector consists of two aluminum wheel halves which bolt to a stylish billet center. An air tight seal is formed by a strong rubber ring seated in a precision machined groove between each wheel half and the wheel center.

Have you ever wished you could adjust your wheel’s offset or bolt pattern? We've engineered the perfect solution for you. The versatile SECTOR wheel can become many different wheel configurations by swapping out any part of the wheel. Now you can get that specific wheel you need without breaking the bank for a whole new setup! It’s versatility through the ability to change each piece affords the user many options within one wheel.  Whether it be for different types of riding, different vehicles or to simply to replace parts without having to sacrifice an entire wheel.  It also allows easy in-the-field tire mounting.  Like all other DWT bead lock wheels, the Sector employs our exclusive riveted steel nut plate system allowing for quick and easy service if bolt threads are ever compromised.

Weight 15.5lbs.

• Heat Treated 6061 .190 Aluminum Spun Halves
• Heat Treated 6061 .190 Bead Lock Rings
• 8mm 12.9 Class Black Zinc Finish Bead Lock Bolts
• 6mm 10.9 Class Black Zinc Finish Center Bolts
• 6061 T6 CNC Billet Aluminum Center
• Fully Serviceable Modular Bead Lock Wheel
• Matte Black Finish
• Black Zinc Finish Hardware
• Made in the U.S.A.

Part#----------Bolt Pattern----Finish
TBD --------4/136.5-------Black
TBD --------4/156---------Black
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