Front Performance Offset Wheel 10x4 3+1 4/166 DWT LT500 LT250R LT230

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LT500 LT250R LT230 DWT Front 10x4 3+1 4/166
• Performance Offset of 1 inch for more precise steering, less feedback into handlebars, less stress on spindles, tie rods, tie rod ends & steering stem. (stock offset is 2")
• The 1" offset shifts the tire contact patch inward to correct the scrub radius.
• The Performance offset is 1" narrower than the stock offset and allows for the use of 1" wider a-arms that will add more wheel travel while maintaining stock overall width.
• Fits onto your stock front hubs. Wheel has the stock 4/166 bolt pattern and 8mm holes so you don't need to buy billet hubs.
• Roll forged from .160 thick, 6061 heat treated aircraft grade aluminum in the DWT factory, the wheels are a true testament to American craftsmanship. A proprietary heat treating process assures the wheel is hard yet still durable.
• Beadlock Rings available in 3 versions. DWT Aluminum, GPS Aluminum and GPS Carbon Rings. This variety allows to pair your performance offset front beadlocks with matching rear G3 beadlocks by DWT or Victory Lock beadlocks by GPS.
• DWT Rings have the highlighted pockets in 9 finishes. GPS Aluminum Rings come in 9 finishes and GPS carbon rings come in 6 colors.
• Pre-installed Valve Stems
• Made in the U.S.A.
Wheel Finishes
• Polished Aluminum
• Matte Black Powder Coat
Wheel Options / Price
• Non Beadlock - Inner & Outer Rolled Lip / $109.95
• Outer Beadlock - Inner Rolled Lip - comes with nut plates and bolts / $146.95
• Black Zinc Finish Hardware (Beadlocks)
• DWT Rings $41.95
Shot Peened
• GPS Aluminum Rings
Sandblasted $17.95
Black $20.95
Blue $20.95
Green $20.95
Orange $20.95
Pink $20.95
Red $20.95
White $20.95
Yellow $20.95
• GPS Carbon Rings $38.36
• 10x4 (Diameter x Width)
• 3+1 (3" Inner + 1" Outer)
• 4/166 Bolt pattern
• 8mm lug holes
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